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Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)

     The process is base on activated sludge aeration principle. The SBR configuration in which the aeration tank serves the
double purpose of aeration and settling in the same tank, which can deduct the initial cost and reduces area for construction.
The wastewater continuous fed into the 2 units reactors by intermittent. The sequence of system can be divided into 4 steps
as follows,       
*Fill  :      The wastewater is introduced to the reactor under non-mixed,non aerated environment.       
*React : Carbon Oxidation and Nitrification occur in this step, aerobic bacteria will degrade organic while Nitrosomonas and 
                 Nitrobacter bacteria will oxidized NH3-N to NO3-.
*Settle:This is the quiescent phase no aeration, to settle down MLSS to bottom of reaction tank.Duration time is 45 - 60 min.       
*Decant : After settle step, the supernatant will withdraw from the reactor and usually controlled by level.